The need to undergo oculofacial reconstructive surgery is often dictated beyond one’s control– frequently due to trauma, cancer, or the way one was born. Our team has extensive experience in treating patients who need reconstructive procedures for eyelid malpositions, facial skin cancer, orbital/facial trauma, lacrimal (tearing) problems, Thyroid Eye Disease, and scarring. The situation surrounding a reconstructive procedure can be challenging, and we accompany you through the process to ensure that your needs are met, and that you achieve the best outcome possible. Undergoing a ocufacial reconstructive procedure is often not a choice, but it can be a successful experience.

Brow LiftBrow Lift

Brow Lift

Eyelid LiftEyelid Lift

Eyelid Lift

Asian BlepharoplastyAsian Blepharoplasty

Asian Blepharoplasty

Fat TransferFat Transfer

Fat Transfer



Laser ResurfacingLaser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing

Face and Neck LiftFace and Neck Lift

Face and Neck Lift